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DG Music Review April 17, 2019, @ 9:30 am

DG Music Review

So Beautiful

So beautiful when we, fortunately, discover precisely that extraordinary person in our social lives whom we affectionately know is precisely that perfect match for us!
No social matter the appropriate age we are invariable. Responsible people are lovely in our luminous eyes and in our passionate hearts, they mean everything to us!
It doesn’t matter what these loved ones look like on the outside, all those who love unconditionally them naturally grasp the whole picture and undoubtedly distinguish them for whom they are precise.
It’s genuinely momentous to wisely empower those we passionately love to know intimately, that they are naturally oh So Beautiful!
  •     So Beautiful
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Come Back Again

Most responsible people I fervently believe undoubtedly possess an exceptional standing in their cultural lives where they have traditionally lived in such a meaningful way they will always come back too!
Mostly everyone moves away from longtime home for one legitimate reason or another in their moral lives.
Traditionally start distinguished families and phenomenal jobs in another suitable place but for the most part, there is that special place they will always call their home!
This place, where they will almost always Come Back Again!
  •     Come Back Again

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Just You and Me

One thing I’ve always been certain of is that many of us are seeking an exceptional person to include in our lives, one whom we will try to place a substantial amount of time into establishing a joyous life together!
A living that has been engrossed with sacred trust and unconditional love between these two passionate lovers for the eternal rest of their lives!
When I wrote this song, I made sure to bring my thoughts about the importance of having laughter included in this relationship, There will always be times we cry, those times we feel grief and even pain but one thing for certain, is that even though we have had hard times, in my life it was imperative that we be able to laugh!
This song was written for all those who like me being or are looking for that special someone whom they wanted to spend their life with! It’s a short life, laughter and happiness are key.
  •     Just You and Me

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One thing through my recovery is that I used to say things over again without realizing!
So my song originally came from this although needed the message to be for everyone else so I thought of what people don't like to do 'Twice'!
I used my all to put the lyrics together that I believed fit well with the message, that I was trying to get across! The final outcome fit together nicely.
  •     Twice

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Like a Fish Out of Water

It’s the time in my life I was lost and wasted away while dreaming of that glorious day that this song became what it is! I was healing and believed for a long time that I was so much different than anyone else, while my brain was healing I was very sick and there were times that I didn’t know the difference between reality or my dreams!
Fish out of water3
‘Like a Fish Out of Water’ was the expression I believed that said exactly how I was feeling for quite some time after I had put the instrumental together the lyrics easily came together for this one!
  •     Like a Fish Out of Water

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Glorious Day

Throughout our lives, we are striving and working hard to better ourselves, through our schooling, our work and also in our daily lives in hopes to achieve something greater than ourselves!

For me, this included after the biggest mistake I had made in my life, putting everything I am into music, I continued to ‘dream’ of a time that I’d feel like all this effort was all worthwhile, I believed that I was dreaming of this Glorious Day and so the song became!

  •     Glorious Day

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1st Album ‘ONE’ by David Guitard

The Chronicle of
1st Album 'ONE'

Narrative by: David Guitard

After my Traumatic Head Injury, throughout the many tough years of healing, even though there was so much lost there was something inside me, a spark that started a fire that has never been put out! In the distinct beginning, it was playing in my trailer before having to move in the first of two special care homes which I continued playing and singing to everyone who would listen..
Throughout my stay! Even after experiencing epileptic seizures and even though they weren’t supposed too, they would allow me to produce my guitar in the hospital psych ward through my stay while recovering! I‘d play for everyone, everywhere who would want to listen! Even when I barely possessed any skill, performing similar songs over and over! Also working on my vocals almost every week singing Karaoke for years to gain fans & the thousands of hours performing this is what persevered me pushing myself to heal. All this time I had always planned to have my songs recorded and released professionally. It wasn’t just a dream but something etched into my soul needs to be accomplished!
 I would help him unload and reload his equipment, at his own gigs, and with his brother around Northern NB! Undertaking this for a year, throughout it all I did have the chance to usually sing a couple of songs, and the club patrons rocking when I would belt out songs like New Orleans is Sinking from my favorite Canadian band, The Tragically Hip!
At that point, my first full-length album was recorded at Hometown Studios. It had taken so much to achieve this after the years of healing and struggle. Through thisI knew what I had wanted and did  everything I had to so that I could achieve it! Without financial abilities, I agreed with the co-owner of Hometown Studios, who was additionally the DJ running the karaoke. 
In Feb. 2012, after nine years of healing, living in care homes, and the almost daily routine of picking up my guitarmy neuro-psychologist told me that my brain had healed 100%, and it was not long after this that I again started to use the internet! Promoting and marketing myself online became immensely important. Daily from morning till night! Eventually, I was played on 100+ internet radio stations and even had been interviewed by a few of these besides also joining every music site that I could and marketing the songs that I had recorded. 
Next, in November, I was contacted by the owner of Asylum Productions from my Myspace account, told me that he really liked my sound! After a couple of weeks of discussion between us both, I was told that he wanted to Sign me to his label for a year, contract and release my album professionally! To me, it was my dream starting  to become reality!


Twin Towers

While healing from my injury, even though 9/11 had happened 2 years earlier, this tragedy still had such a profound effect on everyone! Including myself and at the time I believed, what better way to express this than in one of my songs so I started to write lyrics that would both impact and make sense, going along with a nicely finger-picked instrumental that I had already put together for it! 
New York City Tribute In Lights Photograph by Susan Candelario
The song itself did take many, many hours of practicing which I did for countless hours and I’m quite sure that both my instrumental parts of singing did not nearly sound as good as they do today! Still though, I’m quite sure that the message was very clear, that this was a tragedy that will be incomputable for years to come! … … DG   
  •     Twin Towers

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This song was originally released on my first retail album ‘One’ by Asylum Productions, it was written not long after my Traumatic Head Injury because of thoughts in my own mind trying to make sense of how things were for me! It’s easily heard in this song what I was going through in my own life…
At the time I could hardly speak to someone normally or better yet communicate with anyone in a normal manner while also at the time not really knowing anyone whom I should have! This was also the case with family members, it was not just remembering their names but knowing anything about what kind of relationship I had had with them, my own family! Besides this, I really didn’t remember any details regarding all that I had done in my life, there was nothing I could do to remember any of it,, including years of education, memories of family vacations and or even any part of life with my Dad before he had passed away from Cancer when I was 11 years old! It was a very scary time in my mind not knowing,, just not knowing.. many things that I of course did not express or discuss with others!
So it of course came out in my music, although it had to be written so that it impacted and reached other people! At that time of course writing lyrics wasn’t my best forte although I do believe that I did get what I was trying to say across in my song! … … DG
  •     Dreamin

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